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Building a Culture of HR Excellence At Tactiss Bangalore:

Looking for an HR training company in Bangalore?

TACTISS HR Consultancy, headquartered in Bangalore, is a well-known recruiting outsourcing and consulting organization that specializes in skill training. Our team is made up of experienced experts that have served top organizations across the country. Since its beginning, TACTISS HR has helped match competent individuals with over 5000 candidates who have secured their desired employment.

We operate in a variety of business verticals and are known for our timely, efficient, and client-centric services. Our comprehensive approach to recruitment has earned us recognition and referrals from an expanding customer base. We specialize in improving recruitment processes, emphasizing criteria such as Quality-of-Hire, Time-to-Fill, and Cost-per-Hire.

We excel in providing unique employment solutions that increase productivity and drive corporate results. We focus on providing specialized services in recruitment and talent acquisition, according to the specific needs of various industries. Through collaboration and accurate execution, we help customers achieve their strategic talent acquisition goals.Our basic values of passion, integrity, and excellent work ethics set us apart as a trustworthy hiring partner.

TACTISS HR Company is committed to providing clients and candidates with innovative HR and training services in India. We help in promoting industry success and growth through our recruitment skills.

innovative hr and training services in India

Tactiss HR Training Services:

To enable HR Practical Training and Job Focused Knowledge




  • WORKSHOPS / WEBINARS (Resume Writing, LinkedIn Mastering & Email Etiquette)



By the successful completion of the program, participants will be able to:

Make a successful career in facilitation and training.

Apply adult learning principles effectively.

Skillfully train individuals with diverse learning styles.

Create positive impacts on trainees and organizations.

Excel as trainers in varied training scenarios.

Excel as trainers in varied training scenarios.

Evaluate training programs proficiently.

Understand the criticality of managing group dynamics at every phase.

We are at the forefront of Training, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, providing a trusted partner to a wide range of organizations. Our strategy involves deep understanding of your business and talent requirements, allowing us to provide customized services. Our team of experienced recruiters are committed to hiring top-tier talent that matches your organization's goals.

At Tactiss HR, our Recruitment Consultants specialize in comprehensive talent mapping within the market.

Once we grasp your specific hiring needs, our dedicated team will promptly engage with you to propel the recruitment process forward, ensuring a tailored and efficient approach to finding the ideal candidates for your organization.

We adhere to a comprehensive recruitment process encompassing:

Initial Consultation: A thorough discussion to understand your hiring needs.

Customized Talent Mapping: Utilizing tailored strategies to identify the right candidates.

Interviews and Assessments: Rigorous evaluation to ensure the best fit for your requirements.

Regular Updates and Feedback: Providing consistent communication and feedback throughout the hiring process.

Proven Track Record:

Benefit from our successful placements and consultative recruitment approach that has earned accolades from clients.

Client-Centric Focus:

Experience open communication, regular updates, and a commitment to understanding and meeting your evolving needs.

Innovation and Excellence:

Stay ahead with innovative solutions and excellence ingrained in every aspect of our services.

Working Process

Our Team

Empowering Your Workforce, Transforming Your Business :

At Tactiss HR Services, we bring a fresh perspective to human resources, offering a range of comprehensive services designed to meet the evolving needs of your organization. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on personalized solutions, we are your trusted partner in talent acquisition, training, and HR consultancy.


Why Tactiss HR ?

Empowering Connections, Elevating Careers: Your Premier Talent Hub Building a better tomorrow. Where Talent Meets Opportunity: Empowering Careers, Enriching Businesses.

Build Talented Team and Drive Growth :

Empowering your workforce and transforming your business is our focus at Tactiss HR Consultancy. We provide innovative human resources solutions tailored to your organization's evolving needs. With a dedication to excellence and personalized service, we are your reliable partner for talent acquisition, training, and HR consultancy.


Why Choose us ?

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition :

Discover the Right Talent for Your Success

Consultative Approach :

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Training and Development :

Elevate Skills, Drive Growth

Background Verification :

Ensuring Trust and Reliability

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies :

Building Inclusive Workplaces

HR Consultancy :

Optimizing Your HR Processes


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Tactiss HR

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Tactiss HR, Where Human Resources Redefined

In a world that's increasingly valuing diversity and inclusivity, the rise of HR consultancy startups is empowering change. We, at TACTISS, lead this charge, revolutionizing the workplace by prioritizing people and their unique talents. We're committed to creating inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and can thrive. TACTISS isn't just about HR solutions; it's about fostering a culture of respect and understanding. As we pave the way for a more equitable future, we're setting a new standard for how businesses approach human resources, one that puts the "Human" back in HR.

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